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MiraculousAnimeteam MiraculousAnimeteam 22 July 2017

About Myself!! ^o^

HELLO again!! Don't forget it's Kano or Joyce!! So in this blog I'll be talking about myself. Umm............................Sorry I actually don't know what to say first. Since you guys know my name, I'll start with what wikis I like! So the wikis that I mostly go is the Watashi Ga Motet Dousunda and the Free! wiki but mostly before I'd even known this anime I mostly spent time at the Free! wiki. But here I am, in the Kiss Him Not Me wiki or Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda. At school I'm completly invisible well not ​COMPLETLY COMPLETLY ​some people see me because I tell them how I feel but they ignore me. So it's been a challenge at school but online with other people I don't know, it's like I'm ​FREE ​from those kids from school. So that's why I…

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Jinzy Jinzy 2 February 2017

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda! Asuma x Kae!

Asuma's POV:

   I felt a sudden beat in my heart that day. When Serinuma-senpai waited for me to wake up. I was relieved and overcome with joy to see her, I jolted up and hugged her instantly. She was so cute, she was blushing and crying because I had woken up. I honestly do love Serinuma, Kae. Everything she's done for me I appriciate greatly, she showed me what love is truly, I hope I can win her over before anyone else does. I'd do anything to protect her. I cherish every moment we have together, whether its with the group or just us alone. 

Kae's POV:

       S-senpai woke up and suddenly hugged me. I was too overwhelmed with happiness and I couldn't help but cry. I really love him. I'm extremely happy that he woke up, I was really worried…

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Qwerticorn Qwerticorn 25 December 2016

An Episode Guide

I personally think that this Wiki should have an Episode Guide. Episode Guide helps the people visiting the website find the episode they were desperately searching for. If you disagree with me, it's fine! ;D I won't be lashing out like a 2-year old because of other people disagreeing with me. This is just a suggestion. :)

- Qwerticorn

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Maricutypie Maricutypie 29 October 2016


I feel like an otaku after reading the manga. The boys are just so kawai, and there's so much of yaoi and yuri.

My favourite is Igarashi Yusuke!!!!

i know i am not the only one became a fan of this manga. Right? 

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Kusuo1412 Kusuo1412 28 August 2016

Greetings to WataMote fans

Hi everyone, I'm the new admin Kusuo1412 and I've recently been editing stuffs on the wiki. As I've seen, there are great contributors on the wiki which is really great but I would like to point out somethings about it.
As a registered user, you are able to:

Loging in
Having an account gives you extra abilities and features that un-registered users do not have access to.

  • Keep track of your contributions
  • Contribute to wikis that don't allow IP editing
  • Follow your favorite articles and receive notifications about page updates
  • Create a user page and communicate with other on your talk page or message wall
  • Personalize your preferences to tailor the functionality of Wikia to your needs and customize your personal stylesheet to change your view of commu…

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Nemui-hime Nemui-hime 7 February 2015

Feeling Sorry


Ahhh... I haven't been to wikia in a long time. Well, not a reeeaaaalllyyy long time, but I haven't done anything in 2 months I think. I feel like terrible admin, I haven't been able to maintain my wikis lately.  :(   I'm slow when it comes to adding info on characters and summarizing episodes or chapters. Like it really takes a while, 'cuz I think a lot about how I'll write this and that in a way that its not annoying to read. 

Ahh~ I'll try harder this year! I promise... Wooohhoooo another new year's resolution haha...


Seriously though, I'll do my best to fix my wikis! All of them hahah! But maybe most of them will come during March, 'cuz school is so stressfull. I actually cried while doing a project just a…

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