Back to My Original Self! What Should I Do?
Episode 1
Kanji TBA
Rōmaji TBA
FUNimation Title Back to My Original Self! What Should I Do?
Date Released November 3, 2016
Episode Episode 5
Opening Song Prince×Prince
Ending Song Dokidoki no Kaze
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When a Valentine's Day event is announced allowing fans to give chocolate to Mirage Saga characters, Kae decides to make a chocolate for Shun for the event. As Kae fusses over what chocolate to make in order to perfectly capture Shion's beauty, Nishina suggests Kae try making a 3-D chocolate sculpture. Kae agrees and throws herself into making one, but struggles with difficulty. Although Shima offers to let her submit the one she made, Kae realizes that feelings are the most important thing and sends in her avant-garde creation, winning a special prize. However, as a result of eating all of the leftover chocolate, Kae ends up putting on all the weight she had lost. Wanting Kae to go back to her more beautiful self, the boys try and get Kae to lose her weight, only to discover that their methods are doing more harm than good. As Yūsuke comes to realize that he loves Kae regardless of her weight, the boys come up with a reward system, awarding Kae with yaoi fanservice for every weight goal reached. Thanks to this, Kae quickly goes back to her normal weight and is treated to the sight of Yūsuke and Nozomu kissing.