Wanting to attend a requiem mass for the samurai that Kanchu Ranbu's main character was based on, Hyakki Sametora, Kae and the others end up spending the night at an inn, where Yūsuke lands on top of Kae during a pillow fight. The next day, the gang attend the mass, look at a museum, and visit Sametora's grave, where both Kae and Nishina are enraptured by the real armor and helmet Akane is modeled after, and a portrait of Sametora. After, Kae and the gang decide to go to a small island in a lake where Sametora's head is rumored to be buried. While taking swan boats to the island separately, the group gets swept up by a whirlpool and stranded on the island, with Kae and Asuma becoming separated from the others. As the two groups struggle to find each other due to an alleged curse surrounding the island, Asuma is forced to take drastic measures when Kae comes down with a fever. After Kae recovers, she and Asuma come up against the alleged ghost of Sametora, managing to use charms bought at the shrine to bring him to peace. Afterwards, the gang learn that the curses they saw were apparently hallucinations caused by poisonous mushrooms they had for lunch, though Asuma suspects there is some truth to what he and Kae experienced. 


  • At the end of the episode, during the preview for episode 8, Matsumi-senpai mentions having played shogi as a child. Serunima responds with "December Comes in Like a Tiger! It's here!", referencing "March Comes in Like a Lion", an anime also airing in the Fall 2016 season about the life of a professional shogi player.