Mitsuko Serinuma

Mitsuko anime


Kanji 芹沼みつこ
Rōmaji Serinuma Mitsuko
Relatives Serinuma Hideo (Husband)
Serinuma Takurou (Son)
Serinuma Kae (Daughter)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Housewife
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Narashi Miki}}
English Jessica Cavanagh
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Mitsuko was shown to have a chubby body however, she used to have a slim body when she was younger. In her younger years, she bear the same strikingly resemblance her daugther Kae had at the very beginning of the story. She have been worried when Kae started holding inside her room for almost a week and had to force her son Takuro to do something about it.


Mitsuko has short curly brownish-red hair and wears a orange shirt with an apron and brown pants and short yellow shocks and wears pink slippers.


During her school years Mitsuko was a beautiful girl and used to have a harem of boys after her. She is a kind mother and funny. Mitsuko worries about Kae when she locked herself in her room for a week. She excited and happy when Kae brings her friends home. She also gives advices to Kae about boys.


  • She used to be like Kae having harem of boys. She encourages Kae to get close to each of them.