Takurou Serinuma

Takurou anime

Takurou serinuma 65167

Age 19
Relatives Serinuma Mitsuko (Mother)

Serinuma Kae (Younger sister) Serinuma Hideo(Father)

Status Alive
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Unknown
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Takahiro Mizushima
English Cris George
Drama CD Nobuhiko Okamoto
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Takurou Serinuma is Kae’s older brother.


Takurou sports a rebellious image with his undercut hair and a couple of piercings on his ears. He is tall and has a medium build.


Takurou is rough to his sister like how he calls her "Chubby" or "Fatty", but he doesn't mean it in a bad way, he still loves his sister, because when the other guys visited her, he came in and played the big brother who protect her and warned them about it. Nonetheless, he can be a bit mean to her, such as when he showed Kae's male friends her yaoi collection despite her attempt to hide it from them all.


Serinuma Kae

Despite being rough to her, he still loves his sister as shown as when the other four guys visited, he barged in and played the big brother who's goal is to protect her.


  • He is traumatized by Mutsumi. It is shown in the twelfth episode that as Nanashima brings up that Mutsumi is interacting with Kae, he was worried and would do anything to stop him.


  • "Otaku are gross!" (about Kae)