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Takeru Mitsuboki
Mitsuboshi Takeru
Rōmaji Mitsuboshi Takeru
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Voice Actor
Voice Actors
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Takeru Mitsuboshi (三星 建 Mitsuboshi Takeru) is the childhood friend of Kae Serinuma who is revealed to be a voice actor (seiyuu) for Akane, Kae's favorite character.


Takeru was first introduced in an event of which Voice Actors play the characters live in front of fans. Luckily, Yūsuke Igarashi won a ticket that allows Kae Serinuma to go up the stage to talk to the VA and Takeru recognizes her the moment the two met. After the event, Kae and the boys were about to go home when Takeru's manager calls out to her. She then follows him to meet Takeru and the two had a reunion and to everyone's dismay, he later transfers to her school to get closer to her. It is revealed later on in the manga that Takeru had other intentions for getting closer to Kae which included giving her a marriage proposal and kidnapping her so that he may be with her.


Kae Serinuma[]

Masaharu Akai[]


  • The name Takeru means "Building" (建).
  • Takeru's surname Mitsuboshi mean "three" (三) (mitsu) and "star" (星) (hoshi/boshi).
    • He uses his mother's maiden name after his parents got divorced.


  • Takeru lives with his father