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Volume 4
Volume 4
Release Date September 12, 2014
ISBN 978-4-06-341939-9
Chapters Chapters 9-12
On Cover Serinuma Kae
Nanashima Nozomu
Shinomiya Hayato
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Hi again! It’s me, Kae! After sweating it out with the boys, I’ve slimmed down again, but the fujoshi in me will never fade away!

After everything that happened in the last volume, Igarashi has now fallen in love with the true me. He’s decided to continue his pursuit, but this time, he means business!

Igarashi’s new resolve also spurs a change in Nanashima, and he doubles his efforts to win me over. It’s great that they’re both so fired up, but what’s firing me up is the thought of them possibly getting hot and heavy with each other…

This volume includes extras such as a White Day-themed bonus comic and sketches of never-before-revealed character designs!