Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Wiki
Volume 5
Volume 5
Release Date January 13, 2015
ISBN 978-4-06-341960-3
Chapters Chapters 17-20
On Cover Serinuma Kae
Igarashi Yūsuke
Nanashima Nozomu
Shinomiya Hayato

Mutsumi Asuma
Shima Nishina

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Cover Characters[]

  • Serinuma Kae
  • Mutsumi Kasuma
  • Mutsumi Asuma



Kae is a hardcore fujoshi, the type of female manga fan who loves to read stories of handsome boys getting into initimate situations with each other and often "ships" together characters from her favorite titles.However, her fervent passion for manga and anime causes an accident that comes with surprising results. The once homely and overweight fangirl has become an overwhelmingly cute girl who now turns heads everywhere she goes. With her new looks, Kae has caught the attention of a group of handsome boys who all want to date her, but in the end, Kae is still a fujoshi at heart, and rather than receive kisses from them, she would get much more enjoyment out of seeing those boys make out with each other.